Certifications and Awards

ISO 9001

  • Quality Management
  • Measurement
  • Analysis and improvement
  • Responsibility and communication
  • Expertise and training

Best In Class Independent Freight Forwarder in Brazil

  • Among many awards
  • we were accredited by the Global Institute of Logistics as “Best In Class Independent Freight Forwarder in Brazil” in 2016

AEO Certification

We have been granted AEO Certification, that is, we are a global authorized economic operator recognized by the customs authorities of any country in the world and benefit from:

  • Faster logistic process for Brazilian cargo
  • Port customs clearance
  • Priority treatment for storage
  • Reduced clearance and shipping time

Our certification enables our customers’ operations and makes it easier for them to obtain their certifications and adopt 100% good practices in all logistical and operational stages, and further enjoy benefits such as:

  • Immediate (classification of goods for further processing) and lower rate of goods classification other than green channel (immediate clearance)
  • and priority treatment in physical controls
  • both in export and export operations
  • Priority access for AEO carriers to customs facilities and consequent y faster cargo solutions
  • Responses to tax classification inquiries within 40 days
  • 24-hour storage in yard for air cargo with priority treatment for storage
  • Early filing of the Import Declaration or DUIMP in case of sea shipments

Whatever your demand,
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